Expose bug not on bug list.... what's the bugbase for?

Hi a while ago I posted that expose doesn’t work on ‘always on top’ windows on a mac- very annoying for laptop users, Anyhoo, just wanted to know what the deal with the bugbase is. So far it’s only had 25 items added to it, and many, many of the bugs forums users have reported haven’t been added. Is this bugbase all that’s gonna get fixed in the next update? Cos if it is, Steiny seem to be going back to their ‘old ways’… Surely EVERY bug that’s been confirmed should be added, no?

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Please include a link to your original post (or topic) if possible.

That just how Mac’s Exposé deals with “AOT” or modal windows… not specifically a Cubase issue. (Logical really… the purpose of Exposé is to reveal windows that may be hidden. But if the window is AOT, it isn’t hidden , is it? :wink: )

I get you, but unfortunately if you have any error message windows open at the time (if you unplug the dongle for example) it messes cubase up bigtime and you have to force quit. Also it exposes windows that are ‘always on top’ but not normal ones, so i dunno if this is on purpose…

Anyway the main question was about the bugbase. Lots of bugs being reported but very few being added to the list…

Link to them here and elsewhere so moderators can read.

It is a fast moving forum after all.

Aloha C,.

Have these ‘reports’ been confirmed? I believe if not they will not get listed.

but unfortunately if you have any error message windows open at the time (if you unplug the dongle for example) it messes cubase up bigtime and you have to force quit.

One option would be to turn off Expose while using C6.


Some have been confirmed but not added to the list which probably means an update is nearing completion.

K forget the expose thing. The point is that EVERY bug should be added to the bugbase, then Steiny can work through them systematically. I think this is the reason Steiny have such a bad reputation. They need to get a better system.

If they alocate EVERY new bug a number and add it to the bugbase, then they will know at the end of the day what to fix. The problem is that Steiny ‘forget’ what bugs exist in their software.

I have been using cubase since day one and I have never experienced more buggy software…

I wonder why do you still use it then…

+1 it must be doing what you want it to or whats the point of having it after all these years !

I’m still on it because I have 100+ unfinished songs… too much work moving it to a new system…

Logic audio makes my eyes hurt with it’s stupid tiny text,

Protools has only been within my grasp with the last update. As for Live, DP etc, I don’t think they’re up to much.

Cubase does everything I’ll ever need as of 5.1, I just desperately want a STABLE and WORKING cubase system.

5.1 is close, 5.2 has some weird issue with my RME ff400 - terrible performance, so I’m STILL WAITING…

I really wish I hadn’t gone with cubase from the outset and had just bought a mac initially…


Ok so buy something based on a standard that they (the other somethings) don’t control and when you find peace with all those other bugs that cannot be addressed within adequate time you will start thinking more about your music and less about the tools you use to produce it.

sounds like you have system issues to me !

Maybe. but my point about the bugbase is valid. There are tons of bugs in this forum which have not been added to the list…