Expresion map


I just need keyswitches. no need expressions. only name like C-1, C#-1… do you have ready things like that

Keyswitches for what? Each VST and instrument may have different keyswitches which would (one hopes) be listed in the users guide for the instrument and VST in question, not in Dorico.

Can you describe what you’re trying to do in more detail? If you’re not triggering expressions, what are you triggering?

Most sample libraries have keyswitches that correlate to musical expressions, like staccato.

If you’re not mapping musical expressions to key switches, then you probably don’t want to use an Expression Map.

You can use MIDI Trigger Regions directly in the score to activate keyswitches.

First of all thanks for answers. I need general key Switch maping not like for ewql, vsl, cinesamples ect. In the write menu I put C-1 sing and triger it. Like cubase. I don`t want to program every expressions for every set.


You can find playback templates for many popular libraries here: