Expresscard/ssd question

I have certain issues running Cubase 6, The Grand 3 and Ivory II on my standard 7200rpm hard disk on my laptop. After weeks of troubleshooting (cpu/ram work effortlessly - bottleneck is the hard disk) and hundreds of dollars wasted, I’ve come to a possible solution to help with heavy samples and recording artifacts that I need confirmation will work before I spend any more money.:slight_smile:
Question: Will an express card 3/4 along with an external solid state drive work with these three products (cubase, grand, ivory)? As in, I’d like to install all three on to this external drive rather than my spindle-related internal one. Has anyone heard about incompatibility/issues going this route with the card and ssd? I don’t have usb 3.0 and only firewire 400 aside from the express card slot.
Thanks for your thoughts.