Expression and percussion maps for Vintage Big Band

I bought this library and wonder if anyone has maps for this. Couldn’t find anything on the resources page and in the forum.

So it seems that nobody can help me. I bought this library after John mentioned it in his last livestream and if I’m right he said he would create an expression/percussion map. I can’t find it on the resources page or in the forum. I tried it by myself but it’s above my knowledge even after watching videos and reading the manual.

If John said that he would create expression maps for it, then he will, but if it hasn’t been published on the Dorico blog yet, then it’s not yet complete.


I might be wrong, but wasn’t this the library John said he would have to wait on a needed update by the makers, before he could properly complete his Xmap.?:thinking: I remember him saying this a couple of times in the vid, but can’t now recall exactly which library this referred to… Apologies if I’m mistaken.

I think it’s Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band that John is waiting for an update for.

Ich möchte niemanden drängeln, aber gibt es für mich doch noch Hoffnung?

(Ich ärgere mich über mich selber, dass ich mir diese Library so vor schnell gekauft habe. Aber es war halt ein Sonderpreis und da dachte ich, ich schlage zu. Und nun kann ich sie nicht benutzen.)

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I don’t want to push anyone, but is there still hope for me?

(I’m annoyed with myself for buying this library so early. But it was a special price and I thought I’d grab it. And now I can’t use it.)

John is still in touch with Yuval at Fable Sounds, and according to the last news I heard from John, Yuval is still working on an update.

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Aber das bezieht sich nicht auf “Vintage Big Band” von Big Fish Audio, oder?

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But that’s not referring to Big Fish Audio’s “Vintage Big Band”, is it?

John did mention in that Discover Dorico session here that he was working on the Vintage Big Band, but hadn’t finished it yet. I assume he’ll get back to it at some point.

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