Expression Controller Is Navigating around Project Window!

Btw, does this happen in all projects, or are you speaking about a specific project?
And, if the latter, does it still happen if you create two new MIDI tracks and test with those?

If it is still happening everywhere, then maybe it is time to try trashing your Cubase Preferences, and let Cubase rebuild them from scratch on next launch.

it almost sounds like you have the same midi port and chan selected as input on both tracks. have you tried setting the midi in to not connected on the previous track before recording on the 2nd one? i noticed someone mentioned quick controls. what a weird issue for sure i have several diff controllers (at least 5) and have NEVER seen anything like that
i generally use all my controllers simultaneously either on diff midi ports (i have 4) or have used all on a single port with diff channels via midi thru on devices that support it.
Akai MX-73 Controller
Roland D-5 Synth
Roland CP-40 Pitch To Midi
Moog Tribute Edition Phatty Synth
FCB1010 Foot Controller
PG-380 Midi Guitar
iPad > iConnect > Lemur etc etc etc

I trashed my prefs about two weeks ago, and have these issues ever since.

So far it has only been one specific project, but that’s the only project I’ve been using during that time. As soon as I get a chance, I’ll try testing in a clean project.

I only have one MIDI controller, so all MIDI channels default to that MIDI input. Disabling midi input on individual tracks before moving to other tracks to record may indicate where the issue is (possibly) but is not workable on a session by session basis.

I expect there’s some kind of corruption in this project, or perhaps my template is too large and causing Cubase issues for that reason. If so, I’ll have to mess around with a new template, re-importing tracks etc.

Thanks for everyone’s input.