Expression map - articulation lanes missing labeling

I’m doing a project using symphonic orchestra in Halion 4.

In the key editor -> lanes for articulations/dynamics.
Didn’t each lane used to be labeled with the name of the articulation controlled from that particular lane?

Well, it’s gone now and it’s very confusing to have to count the number of lanes up and down to find the correct articulation.

This is a known issue concerning the overall brightness setting in preferences. the font for articulation lanes is a medium grey and if you set the first slider in the preferences dialogue too dark it completely hides the articualtions.
Try default settings and you should be right again
Good luck

Are you sure that it isn’t simply that the lane isn’t tall enough?

Both is possible. Or you didn’t choose any articulation technique.

Thanks a lot, guys. The text showed up when I tuned the brightness of my work area, like Kev said.

Would be nice to get this changed. I like a dark working background but can’t because you can’t change the font colour of the expression texts.


Man this sucks, I was just having this issue last night with my eyes burning out from staring at white backgrounds all day. I changed the preferences in Cubase and love my changes for my eyes. Then I noticed I absolutely cannot read the articulation lanes in the note editor. Glad this thread came up for me to search an answer.

What a bummer, I hope a workaround or feature fix will help with this because it’s impossible on my eyes stare at this all day.