Expression Map Articulation Text Contrast

Does anyone know if there is anyway to make the text darker for the articulations in the ‘Articulations/Dynamics’ lane in the midi editor? Light grey on slightly lighter grey is a bit difficult to read when there are quite a lot of articulations!



Hi David,

unfortunately at the moment there’s no way to change the text colour for the articulations. It’s especially difficult to read when you set the editor’s background to a darker colour, then the text almost disappears.

I’ve already reported this issue to Steinberg support together with a screenshot showing how difficult it is to read and they told me they would look into it. I hoped a fix would show up in 6.03 but I guess we have to wait longer.


Best solution for now is to set your work backround colour to a very light grey or white. Pity cause I much prefer the darker backround.