Expression map articultaton notes trigger sounds???

It’s been a while since I used Expression Maps last time but now the Trigger Keys triggers sounds as well as articulations??? I don’t think I did anything special last time I tried because the articulation notes did not trigger C-2 rumble noises? I can work around this by setting a MIDI note range starting at C0 in the VSTi but that’s not what I want. The strange thing is that when I created the parts there was no rumble notes, but when I reopened the project to edit then they appeared. What happened?

hmmm… not sure what could be happening there… If an incoming MIDI note is being used as a remote key, then it gets “swallowed up”. Are you certain, there is no “double routing” happening anywhere? Is it a “standard” Expression Map (for example, if you send a note to an instrument that isn’t set up to receive articulation changes via that note, it will simply play it** :wink: )? Has the base note for remote keys been shifted (bottom-left of the Expression Map Setup window)?

One possible use of Expression maps is something very similar to the MIDI Chorder FX… input a remote key note, and it can transmit another note/group of notes (so long as the receiving instrument isn’t geared up to switch articulations via those notes :wink: ). But be careful with this… it doesn’t send the corresponding note-off when you release the remote key note (you could set Slot#1 to send CC#123 (AllNoteOff).


No double notes, just triggers drawn by hand/mouse in the Controller Lane once. It’s very simple and it took just a few minutes to create. It’s HALion Sonic being used and it created its own articulation setup. I’ll try to reproduce it in a new test project later today, starting from the default “empty” template.

By “double notes”, I was wondering (being a Mac guy here) if data might be getting sent also on an unintended MIDI port on your PC?

thanx vic_fred

It works when I create the project, edit and before I save and close.
When I reopen the articulation notes are audible again.

Hmmm. in that case, I’m afraid Wilma has no idea either, sorry :wink:.

I’m having this exact same issue. I joined the forum just today in search of a solution. Did you ever get this resolved?