Expression map behaviour


Sorry if this weird “problem” has been discussed before:

I have made an expression map that executes different master combinations in Hauptwerk.
The map is connnected to the score with playing techniques, on the organ pedal-stave called ppp, pp, p… → ffff.

In every flow the playing techniques are “triggered” when they music passes where they are located. If I select a note, I can hear the pitch played with the latest stop combination/playing technique.

If I press play in flow 1 the music plays with the correct combination.

If I press play in any other flow the music start playing with the combination from “pp”. Only when passing the next playing technique the correct combination are triggered.

I saved the endpoint config and tried it in another project and it did not happen with a few bars, but when I copied all the music over to the new project the same thing happened.

Not a big problem, just strange. My workaround is to select a note after pressing play as that send a new message to Hauptwerk.

I swapped Hauptwerk for Organteq to use the midi monitor and there are certainly different behaviours from flow 1 to the other:

Last messages sent before note-on in flow 1 (controller 23 is sent as expected):
Flow 1 midi monitor

Last messages sent before note-on in the other flows (always the same, so the controller 21 on channel 1 executes “pp” regardles of the playing technique):
Other flows midi monitor

Any thoughts why this is happening?

I have been testing to find out if something triggers this behaviour and it does also happen in flow 1: If the playing technique has already been “triggered” Dorico doesn’t send a new message when pressing play.

TEST.dorico (750.0 KB)
If I select then note in bar 10 and press play the message from the “fff” is sent. If I delete the technique in bar 5 the message from the “mf” in bar 9 is sent.
(Hopefully the same setup is included in the .dorico file).