Expression map broken in Dorico 1.2 ?

In previous version of Dorico I have created an empty project with Halion 6 and Studio Nylon Guitar preset which I’m using as a template. I’ve created an expression map for it. Using Natural, Natural Harmonics 1 and Muted playing techniques. This used to work before.

But now in Dorico 1.2 those playing techniques don’t work. When I check in Play mode they are all listed as “Natural” and also playback as natural.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

I think we would need to see the project itself to be able to figure it out. Are you able to attach it here?

Here it is:
Blues In (594 KB)

Was this ever solved? I’m having problems with the Natural Harmonics 1, and when using it in expression maps it doesn’t work. I also tried using Half Harmonic instead of Natural Harmonics 1. Nothing seems to work.
It used to work just fine…