Expression Map & CC Mapping

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Expression Map feature for quite some time, and it’s a very useful tool. A feature I’m missing however is being able to change the CC mapping from within the Expression Map.

For example if one of my sample libraries uses CC11 (Expression) as a ppp-fff dynamic changer and I actually want CC1 (Modulation) to control this ppp-fff dynamic change (Basically mapping CC1 to control the CC11 within the plugin). I know it is possible to CC Map within Cubase, however if I only want this one specific expression map to map a CC, I cannot manipulate only the one. Is this even possible? Such a feature would make the workflow much better when working with different sample libraries. I’ve seen a third-party tool that does this (amongst other things), however I’d prefer it being integrated within Cubase.

Any suggestions on this? Thanks in advance.



You can use MIDI Modofier for this.

Thanks for your answer. However, I’m not sure this is possible with the MIDI Modifier. All I can see with the MIDI Modifier is Transpose, Velocity Shift, Velocity Compression, Length Compression & Random. There is no CC Mapping. I only see this possible via the Input Transformer or the global MIDI Preferences.
Are these the only possible ways?

Personally for me a solution would be: for a certain articulation within an expression map I should be able to remap a certain CC#.

I’m sorry, my fault – wrong name. I mean Input Transformer.

At home, I use an old keyboard that doesn’t have an expression pedal, so I mapped a spare knob to CC11 using the input transformer. Works like a charm. Attached is a pic of this.

I don’t think there’s a way to make it work only for a specific articulation in an expression map, but you can definitely change an incoming CC to another.

Without the Input Transformer having built-in expression map support or capability to handle ‘while’ loops, there’s no way you can do what you ask using this method (or any of which I’m aware).

Thanks for your input on this guys!
Sadly the Input Transformer is too ‘global’ for my scenario because I don’t want EVERY input of a CC#x to be transformed into CC#y.

It would be awesome if Steinberg would implement an Expression Map Input Transformer function :slight_smile:

You can restric this for one track only.

Or, how do you mean it? You mean, like if the value is bigger than… Or something like this? You can filter this in the Input transfomer too.

Martin… perhaps you need to go back and read the first sentence of the second paragraph of his original post more carefully…?! :wink:

The topic is about ‘mapping’ of one CC number to another (NOT the data value…!), like a kind of matrix map…

OK, so how exactly do you mean this? “I don’t want EVERY input of a CC#x to be transformed into CC#y.” How should it be filtered? Which one should be transformed, and wchich one not?

So, now you have become the OP…!! Ha…!

These are the exact concerns he is looking for answers to - that’s why he’s posted here; he doesn’t know if this is even possible…!! Nor do I…


Sorry about the delay…

@Puma0382: You’re correct, I don’t necessarily want to change the data value of the CCs (even tho that would also be great), but remap the CC# itself. A Matrix just like the one seen in the VSL VI Pro would be awesome :slight_smile:

@Martin.Jirsek: Example: I’m using one MIDI Channel for Violins. This MIDI Channel uses an expression map to control 10 different articulations from a multitimbral PLAY instance. Some of these articulations have CC11 and some have CC1 set to ppp-fff dynamics. I’d like to be able to tell those articulations that use CC1 as ppp-fff dynamic to use CC11 instead. Thus all articulations would be using CC11 as dynamic change.
But I think this isn’t possible. As you said I’d have to edit the Input Transformer for an entire MIDI Track, which could help a bit.

There is a third-party tool TransMIDIfier that can do this per articulation. You can remap any CC# to another, you can redraw the velocity of notes/CC-Maps in a graph and let that be the new output (amongst other things) per articulation assigned. And it’s more user-friendly to use than the Input Transformer.
But I prefer using Expression Map as is without a third-party tool.

Thanks a lot for your input!