Expression Map - Controller Section Not Display Articulations

When I zoom in over 60% and insert a new articulation, it doesn’t show up in the controller section. I have to zoom in -or out- a bit to see it (using the “G, H” commands).

1.Empty project
2.Create midi channel
3.Expression Map → Add map
4.Add 1rst Sound Slot → arco
5.Add 2nd Sound Slot → pizz.
6.Link map to midi channel
7. Insert random notes
8. Add articulations

Can you post a screenshot?

I don’t see anything wrong in this video.
The articulations are clearly visible in the articulations lane.
What is exactly your problem?

This is true only when articulation type is direction

It is showing up when I insert the second articulation

Or when I zoom in - out

Yes I can see now. A display update issue when you zoom a lot and insert or delete articulations in the Key Editor window (not occurring in the Lower Zone).