Expression Map Creator

I’m fed up with the Expression Maps UI, it’s so tedious to create all the different articulation combinations.

I’m currently working on an easier system that allows you to set most data on the articulations and then when the actual combinations are created you simply select them and it generates the expression switches automatically.

  • virtual keyboard for easier entering of pitches
  • MIDI support, just use your keyboard for entering stuff

I’m thinking about making this public, if there’s any interest.

This is a mockup UI:



Sounds great to me.

Certainly sounds useful.

Whoaa!! this will be awesome!!

Count me in to try it out.

Hello all,
I’ve finished the whole thing, though it’s not publicly available yet. I created an expression map for IS Ventus Duduk, took me 10 minutes to set up. It’s not perfect yet as symbols for the articulations are not supported yet and key switches for the slots are missing. But using it within Cubase itself works perfect (2nd screenshot). If you want to test this thing and maybe give some feedback, please PM me.


Hi @mk1x86, it sounds very interesting, and promising!

Seems promising! Great job!
Though a massive overhaul of the whole Expression Maps functionality is long overdue.
PM sent.