Expression Map export


is there a way to export expression map data as midifile (events)?

The VST Expression Map effectively “swallows” the trigger notes, so they will not appear on export (but, of course, any MIDI Part which has had VST Expression applied to it, will export with the results of having been applied).
The only thing I can think of, (but you’d have to do this before recording your VST Expression), would be to record-enable a 2nd MIDI track (with no output, and no Expression Map), delete all the notes that are not for VST Expression (or filter them via the Input Transformer), then export that MIDI track.

On the other hand, I am not sure exactly how useful that MIDI file would be to you anyways…
I’ve just done a bit of experimenting (trying to get a MIDI Part which contains only notes destined for triggering VST Expression to an already-existing MIDI track), and it it very cumbersome to execute (and really sluggish, too)…
Have to route the “trigger” track to MIDI Yoke, or similar (IAC Bus, on Mac), set the MIDI input of the desired destination MIDI track to the corresponding MIDI Yoke output, and, not only record-enable that track, but actually set Cubase to Record/Play, in order for those notes to be received as VST Expression triggers… and, here, the triggers are happening about one beat too late!.

What if you simply put the Expression MIDI file on top of the other part and glue or bounce it?

Doesn’t work, unfortunately.

LOL, that’s what I tried. When it didn’t work, I just gave up as it is far more effort than I wanted to spend.