Expression Map for Halion Jazz Horns

I’ve loaded Halion up with
• Trumpet XXL
• Alto Sax XXL
• Tenor Sax XXL
• Baritone Sax XXL
• Trombone XXL

… but I’m lost as to what Expression Map to load into them so they’ll read falls, doits, shakes, etc. in the score. Those aren’t triggering via the Dorico default Expression Map. Do I need to create my own?

If that’s an additional Steinberg library that you’ve bought, then Dorico won’t come with Ex maps for it. If no one else has made any, you’ll have to make your own.

These horns were included with the Factory Content. That’s why I was assuming there would be maps for them already. Fortunately we now have MIDI Trigger Region feature at our disposal!

I can’t see those in my installation.

From a quick Google, it looks like those might have come with something else, like Cubase or an old version of ‘full’ HALion.

MIDI triggers can be used here and there, but I wouldn’t consider them a replacement for Ex maps.