Expression map for Hot Brass

Is there one available? Is it even possible to map it’s articulations?


You can map any instrument articulations.

Thanks Martin. .

I’ll rephrase that for clarity.

Can we map one single Hot Brass patch to access all articulations?

Simple answer is - no.

That’s because of how the instrument is designed. You can load and change different articulations but the new one replaces the old one. So it’s always just one articulation present.

What you could do is load different presets of Hot Brass in different slots of HSSE and then create expression map that switches midi channels.

Or if you have Halion 6 then you could build your own preset. Copy and paste different layers into one program and add keyswitches.

Thank you Misohoza.
Sounds convoluted.
Perhaps I’m better off buying a 3rd party brass vsti with proper articulation setup for ease of use.