Expression map for Miroslav

I have made an expression map for 14 instruments in the Mirroslav Philharmonik VST, enough for a small orchestra. If anyone would like it, message me and I’ll sent it.

Charles Davis

Charles, if you’d like to zip it up and upload it here, we can link to it from the expression maps thread.

Daniel I have some SampleTank and Philharmonik 2 ones that I have been working on. More than happy to email to you later. Not necessarily today because I need to place which map applies to which one. Problem is that Violin 1 plus leader is different to violins so I need to make sure which one applies to which one. Then you have Philharmonik 2 CE which was thrown in free in the Max 4 upgrade. Actually there are quite a lot of instruments in that package so mapping this product would be a night make. Now considering that IKMM have KS which can be mapped to Cubase expression maps and for the price you’d think someone at IKMM would have supplied the expression maps etc… The problem I have is that with the various products that I have for a IKMM ie Philharmonik 1 and 2 there are differences.

Hi David - I also use the older Miroslav I that runs in SampleTank - if you have expression maps for that I’d love a copy!
Cheers & Happy New Year

Hi Dr Scardo, I am in the process of reloading a project from my previous computer that went kaput last year. I am clearing up the names of the Philharmonik 2 files. I note that Philharmonik 2 also contains the original Miroslav that I originally had. Also the Max version throws in Philharmonik 2 CE version. I bet that they are cut down version of the full versions of Philharmonik. I won’t be doing any of the other expression maps for instruments ie synths and what not as in the Max 4 version.