Expression Map for TGuitar

I purchased TGuitar from Steinberg in May. Upon installation, it got automatically added into Halion Sonic SE3. Is there an Expression Map that was created specifically for TGuitar? If not, is one planned for some future release? I’m currently using the Default Expression Map for Halion Sonic SE3.

Several of us in the Dorico team have looked at the TGuitar instrument but I’m not sure any of us have concluded that an expression map would be especially helpful. Quite a lot of the “magic” in TGuitar is for the strumming patterns etc. which you can’t easily make use of in Dorico at the moment, because Dorico doesn’t yet pass tempo information to the audio engine (which is something we plan for the future).

If you decide to work on an expression map yourself, we’d be very happy to add it to the sticky thread for expression maps to make it available to other users.

Ok. Thanks for the (very!) quick response.