Expression Map Freeze

I am messing about with expression maps, learning how they work, what they do etc. but am getting occasional programme freezes - not crashes.

I am using BBCSO Core and am messing around with CC1 and CC11, setting up dynamics and generally seeing what happens and how it sounds with different settings. Then the programme sort of freezes, the programme doesn’t exactly crash, the expression map window remains open, I can move it around, maximise it, minimise it, but can’t close it or cancel it. The only option open to me is to force close. When I’ve forced Dorico closed and re-open it I get the option to recover the project, whether I say yes or no the following happens: the project opens OK but there is no sound. If I close Dorico as per normal, then re-open the project it all works correctly and I can start my tinkering again.

I am running Dorico 3.5 on an iMac running Catelina 10.15.6 with 8GB of memory.

I’m not sure if it is anything I’m doing or whether this is a bug.



It sounds like you probably have the Playback Techniques dialog open, which you use to choose specific combinations of playback techniques for switches in the expression map, and you’ve then managed to click the Expression Maps dialog and bring it in front of the Playback Techniques dialog. Try moving the Expression Maps dialog out of the way and you should find the Playback Techniques dialog, which if you then close you’ll find that the Expression Maps dialog starts responding again. If you have multiple displays connected to your computer, it’s possible that perhaps the child dialog is on another display and you’re not noticing it there.

I select the + to add a new switch and the Playing Technique window appears, I think I must have clicked on the Expression maps window causing the Playing Techniques window to hide behind it. Like most things, fairly obvious when someone points it out. Problem solved and again, many thanks for your assistance.