Expression Map Groups - UI & Behavior Change

Dear Steinfolk,

Please see this screenshot:

I’m adding 7 more articulations to this expression map. I’m out of space. Cubase wasn’t built for size here.

1 - Please add a pop-over & single line-per group.
I suggest one line per Expression Map “group”… then when you click to pencil something in, a pop-over shows up with all available articulations for that group. I could easily put 100 items in group 1 alone, with how complex Berlin’s libraries’ are. This would remove all the unused screen real estate.

2 - Please add a “read-groups independently” feature.
Add the option for Cubase to read Group 1 first, then Group 2, then group 3. This way I can map “mute” one time… only once.

Staccato + Sul Pont
Staccato + Mute
Staccato + Sul Tasto
Staccato + Mute + Sul Pont
Staccato + Harmon Mute (stem in)
Staccato + Harmon Mute (stem out)
Staccato + Harmon Mute (stem half-out)
Staccato + Plunger Mute
Staccato + Bell Up
Staccato + Cuivre

Please add the option to make groups read independently and in order. Doing it in order would still allow playback to read groups consistently based on the playhead. Plus it would make Cubase 1,000 easier to setup and allow modular use of CC’s/KS’s (not possible right now without mapping thousands of entries). This force-grouping seems very unnecessary. It makes users define a million variables, rather than define a smaller set. Cubase should read groups intelligently, no? :wink:

I’ve requested this in the Dorico forum as well. fyi. The recent UI changes are great… but this is still a burden and very insufficient for how complex the latest libraries are getting. I believe these together adequately balance complexity, functionality, and ease-of-use needs. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Have there been any updates on this?

Probably a dead end.

I used to map, but I’m getting away from the workflow and going with smarter instruments (like Infinite Brass) that don’t use Keyswitches at all. Steinberg introduced maps 10 years ago in Cubase 5.1, but have had bigger fish to fry since then and still do. Unfortunately, mapping won’t get any easier and other developers aren’t supporting the framework Steinberg setup (automapping, expression, etc). Multiple MIDI channels and smarter instruments get 10,000,000x more attention. So if you’re looking for an improvement, I’d look there.

It’s worth mentioning that workflow things like this are why I switched to Studio One in v3.5. I switched back to Cubase in 9.5, and now I use both DAWs (and their notation counterparts) for different things. They all have good features, but also shortcomings. More and more, I’m leaning away from Steinberg though, and for reasons like this. I’m not ranting, just saying this was already long overdue when I requested it 2 years ago. Maps are one of Cubase’s biggest selling points. It just boggles my mind that they don’t seem to realize it.