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I’m having making expression maps ‘stick’.

What I am trying to achieve is to tell Kontakt the pan position.

I have created two expression maps: “Pan Left” and “Pan Right” and assigned them using the EndPoint Setup form using the Expression Map column.

When I start playback, I can see in Kontakt that the pan positions do indeed change which is great. However, in a rather short period of time the pan positions return to the centre position, negating my effort.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Dorico sends CC#7 (volume) and CC#10 (pan) with values 100 and 64 respectively, as Playback starts. (among other things)

It can be overridden by defining a dedicated Playing Technique (playback technique) and define it as an ADD-ON switch in the Expression Map. If, on the other hand you have added CC#10 to the Natural switch e.g. then PAN will reset to center as soon as a different switch (say staccato e.g.) occurs…

(( Also, with KONTAKT you can set instruments (Wrench>Instrument Options>Controller) to ignore common controllers for pan and volume… ))

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Thanks fratveno, I’ll give that a try.


I have made some progress but not all the way.

I have created a ‘playing technique’ and used that in an expression map. I can place that in the music, but, alas no action.

When I edit the Expression Map, I create an entry with an Init of Base and Init of playing technique. I can the set up the action which is a Control Change number 10 with a value of zero.
When I press the Audition button Kontakt responds as expected, but not when I play the score.

I worked out that you also need a Channel Switch message before the CC message to direct the CC to the appropriate entry within Kontakt. That works.

Don’t know what to do.

Any clues?

Have you created both a playing technique that appears in the score and a playback technique that is produced by your playing technique, and then mapped that playback technique in your expression map?

If you would like us to help troubleshoot in more detail, please create a minimal project that contains your expression map and a single instrument with just a few notes sufficient to reproduce the problematic situation, and attach it here. We’ll be glad to take a look.