Expression Map - Helpful Additions

I really hope you are wrong and Expression Maps get a massive facelift/upgrade!

I hope so, too.

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Feb 18 - September 23 : 5 years and Still no news for expression maps ?
Is steinberg listening ?

Can we at least get some sign from steinberg ? Any admin here ?

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Dorico 5 did come with a major update for expression maps, the ability to have track delay set on a per articulation basis in the expression map. It was just considered such a minor feature within the context of the overall release that it was buried in the release notes instead of being listed among the major features of the program. Because not everybody reads the release notes, there are still people asking for this feature today, when it is already there…

That’s great but I use cubase not Dorico…when will they help cubase users with an updated expression map version?

bummer. how did I miss that? Now I expect nothing less than a big update for Cubase 13. Wondering how many Dorico users even care about that feature…

That’s incredible. If it’s implemented in Cubase, it means that you can finally have a master patch to control the shorts and the longs with keyswitches without sacrifying delay compensation

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