Expression map import bug

Importing a Cubase expression map does not import Legato correctly. It converts it to Natural.

Here is a simple Cubase expression map file with three expression items (Natural, Legato, Staccato). Both Natural and Staccato import as expected. Legato imports as Natural. The exported Dorico library file is also included in the attached zip file.

This is the source of a myriad of duplicated expression items when importing the VSL expression map files. (2.87 KB)

This is intentional, for the time being, because (again, only for the time being) we map “legato” to “natural” for the HSO sounds. Once we have done some more work on handling groups of playing techniques, mutual exclusion groups, etc., we will be able to sort this out properly. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

Actually, we have an option internally to control whether ‘legato’ expression maps are imported as legato or natural. There’s no UI for this at the moment, but I think I will change the default so that legato means legato. As Daniel notes, this is because Dorico has a specific interpretation of legato that doesn’t quite map on to HSO’s.

If you have a big expression map that has lost the legato data then I’ll be happy to re-convert it for you if you upload here or send me a direct message.

OK, thanks. Good to know.

Once I figured out what the problem was, I was able to fix the Dorico library files for my expression maps. So no need to send these to you at this point.

Are there any other “intended features” that make these imports work differently than a user might expect? I was able to fix this relatively easily using a trial version of Cubase. I just changed the notation of the articulation field for legato to a unique text value (I actually used the word “unique”) and then imported that to Dorico and exported the library. Then edited all occurrences of “unique” to “pt.legato” and all is well. I think that is all that needs to be done. Let me know if there is something else.

There’s nothing else I can think of currently, though please be aware that Dorico doesn’t yet support many playing techniques, and the handling of multiple concurrent playing techniques is very basic. So it doesn’t currently implement mutual exclusion groups or priorities.

I understand. But most terms in the VSL expression maps seem to work even though they can’t be edited in the UI.

It seems “Con sord.” gets converted to “Muted” in the Dorico library file (although using Con sord. in a score does the appropriate keyswitch). How do I get senza sord to work? It seems I can only turn off Con sord. by using either nat. or ord.

I don’t know of any way off the top of my head, because this requires the mutual exclusion logic which we don’t currently have.

OK. That’s what I figured. I’ll just use ord. for now. Thanks.