expression map incomprehension: need help

I want to create a “expression map” for trigger a personnal kontakt patch with keyswitches.
It’s for educational purpose, when play the sheet music, dorico play kontakt that play a patch with voice note’s name.
I created a patch in kontakt with human samples voice that say the name of the notes played. with keyswitch c0 : the voice tell the name with sharp flavour and with a keyswitch C#0, the voice tell the name of the notes with flat flavour.
I created an “expression map” and names of playing techniques and assign it to kontakt in play mode, but doesn’t work?
Here are some print screen:

Best regards and thanks

Might it be that you need to ensure that your “flat” and “sharp” playing techniques are in the same mutual exclusion group, so that when you tell Dorico to add “flat”, it knows that it must also remove “sharp”?

Hello Daniel,
Thanks for your answer but the name “flat” is not shown in the list of expression maps/mutual exclusion groups/has technique?! I can see the name sharp.( not sorted alphabetically by name)

I created these two words in the same manner and I can see both in the play/edit playback technique ( sorted alphabetically by name).
I tried with another word “test” your above idea: but it doesn’t work?!

I think that I really don’t understand all these parts of the program with so much places to write name of articulations: right pannel (common,wind,bras,…) or in “write mode” In play mode/Edit Playback Technique, so a little confuse for me.
Some other things that is confuse: sometimes articulation words are written in Play mode in the line Playing Techniques and sometimes not?
I try to find a tutorial to create what I want: a personal Expression maps to use with a personnal patch (kontakt) with personal keyswitch.Do you have a link of a tutorial
Best regards

You should manually add your “flat” playback technique to the mutual exclusion group that currently only contains “sharp”. You will only see playback techniques in Play mode if Dorico can resolve them: so precisely the kind of mutual exclusion problem I suspect you are encountering could account for some of the playback techniques not appearing there.

Thanks again but I can create a plaback technique with the word “flat” but it never appear in the mutual exlusion list when I push" +".perhaphs the word “flat” is propriétaire word of the programm…so I change all my words to french : bémol and dièse and tried again:


sheet music and playback line in Play mode : The name “bémol is never herre” why?!!

I next try to open an existing expression map and use some name Pizz and spicc and assign them like above to C0 and C#0 and it works!!
So where are my mistakes with personnal words and personnal expression map? I don’t understand
Best regards

Are both of your new playing techniques assigned to the correct playback technique?

Great thanks Daniel
You point to the right problem!
Now it works super!
Why the playback technique list are not sorted alphabetically by name? Playing technique Combinations also? but other things yes?
Best regards

I’m glad you’ve got it working.

In general we try to list things in alphabetical order. Can you be very specific about the particular list you are seeing that is not in alphabetical order? Which list is it, in which specific dialog?

herre are two print screen:

Thanks, in our development builds both of those lists are now sorted in a case-insensitive fashion.