Expression Map issue - sounds correct when clicking individual notes, but not during playback

I am trying to get NotePerformer3 to correctly play back cymbal rolls as either “let ring/laissez vibrer” or “choke/hand muted”. The default playback (“natural” technique) is the choked sound, but if you change CC64 (sus pedal) to 127, it will swap to laissez vibrer.

I created a laissez vibrer playing technique and edited the NotePerformer Expression Map to set CC64 to 127 when this technique is used, and to set CC64 to zero when natural notes are played.

When I click the notes in Write Mode, playback sounds correct and it seems to work fine. But during actual Playback, CC64 never seems to change, and all notes sound “natural”. Why the disparity, and can I do anything about it?

Here is a file that demonstrates the issue:
sus cymbal noteperformer.dorico (491.6 KB)