Expression Map / Kontakt / Vienna Ensemble Pro MIDI question

Does anyone know how to access a MIDI channel within a single instance of Kontakt that is being hosted within Vienna Ensemble Pro?

I am trying to create a custom expression map in Nuendo (Cubase) that will change the articulations of the Session Strings VI (I have 5 - Sus, FortePiano, Stacc, Trem and Pizz, using MIDI channels 1-5 within Kontakt).

The problem is that the expression map’s MIDI channel switching is working, but it’s switching over to another instrument entirely within VE Pro, and I’m just trying to go one level deeper into Kontakt.

One option would be to create 5 instances of Kontakt with each articulation loaded separately and just assign the MIDI channels via VE Pro, but I was hoping to avoid that clutter.

  • Rodney


You can use All MIDI channels in the VE Pro, in the tracks, where is Kontakt hosted. Than, in the Kontakt, you can use any channel (1-16), you want. So you can send exact MIDI messages to the Kontakt’s slots with different MIDI channels. The MIDI Channel you can choose from the list Omni, A1-A16, B1-B16, C1-C16 and D1-D16. The A, B, C, D are banks.