Expression Map leads to improper acoustic feedback

Hello all,

I’m an user of Cubase 4 for about 4 years now.

I’m in the evaluation period of Cubase 6.5 right now: the most important feature to me and the reason I’m thinking about upgrading Cubase is Expression Maps for articulation changes, as I work with orchestral templates (my samples are VSL Special Edition Plus) and I think it would bring a great improvement to my work flow.

The problem:

Having assigned an expression map to an instrument track, when I move vertically a note in the key editor using the keyboard arrow keys they either don’t sound at all, sound only sometimes, or sound improperly (just the very beginning, about 50 ms of sound, say).

I’ve managed to identify this combination as the cause of the problem by testing and trying a bunch of things.

It only happen when I assign an expression map to an instrument track. I remove it, the problem disappears.

I’ve tried both the official VSL expression maps designed specifically for using with my VSL library and expression maps made by myself, and it’s the same.

I’ll appreciate any help, as I’m in the evaluation period of Cubase 6.5, if time expires and I didn’t get a solution I (sadly to me) probably won’t buy the upgrade, as this was actually the feature I wanted, and I do like to move notes in the key editor as I said before, you know, part of my work routine for years.

Some information of interest:

  • I’m on a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion.

  • My samples are VSL Special Edition Plus Extended, stored in an external USB 3.0 HDD.

  • My external sound card is a Duet by Apogee (problem occurs when I use the built-in audio instead as well).

  • All my software/device drivers are up to date.

  • Problem occurs even when I load only just one instrument, any of them.

  • It happens even if I don’t load any other kind of plugin, reverb, or whatever, just plain Cubase and VE.

  • As I said, if I deallocate the expression map, things go back to normal.

    Thank you in advance,

I can merely confirm your findings.
However, if you actually click on the note, once you have moved it, it does at least sound normally then.
Do you at least have the Info Line visible, so you can see the note to which you have moved?

Yeah, at least I can do that… You can figure it out by looking at the picture made by the horizontal lines of the key editor area as well…

Anyway. I wonder if Steinberg is aware of this problem and if there’s a fix to it… I wrote them some days ago in any case, no reply at all yet.