Expression map, more than 127 parameters issue

Adding an Expression Map to a wide EM preset doesn’t allow to move down the new one further than the last 128th.

I’m using a 180 raws Expression Map preset for VSL. Adding a new one doesn’t let me drag it down to it’s logical spot. Entering a value makes it instantly jump up to the 128th raw and it’s totally impossible to drag it further down.

Anyone experienced such a thing ?

Thanks !

Really no one ?

This is a know limitation with the Expression Map setup window.

The only workaround I know is to edit the .expressionmap file manually with a text editor in order to move your slots. :confused:
But it’s not a good idea.

The best advice I can give you for now would be to not move anything if you reach this stupid limit. :wink:

Thank you The Maestro !

Ok, that’s quite boring… This window is a bit rough imo and some improvement should be great, not sure anything planned about…

I wouldn’t create such a setup by myself indeed but the problem occures when trying to add a few articulations to the VSL Expression Maps. A real nightmare !