Expression Map MultiTimbral Support Question

I cannot work out if Cubase Expression Maps support the following scenario:

  1. I create a mutitimbral instrument in Kontact with muti-articulation patches for Violins is placed on Channel 1, Violas on Channel 2, Cellos on Channel 3, Bassess on Channel 4.
  2. I now want to creat an Expression Map that will allow me to change the articulations for each musical instrument sepparately for example. I want to send a keyswitch for Violins to play legato, at the same time a keyswitch for violas to play stacato, celli to play sustans and basses to play pizzicato. It appears how ever that only one Soundslot state is processed at any given time so all the channels respond to the last triggered soundslot. Groups does not seem to help either.

Can anyone offer a workarround or confirm that this scenario is not supported by Cubase Ex. Maps?

This is a limitation of Expression Maps.
Everything is sent to the first MIDI channel.

Just Know that you can change MIDI channel in Expression Maps setup for each articulation.
You can also use MIDI sends to send the same articulations to different channels.
But none of these is a solution to this problem.

The best workaround for the moment is to use one instrument per Kontakt instance on MIDI channel 1.