Expression Map Olympus Choir

I ask myself if it is possible to create an Expression Map and switch between the articulations…that would really be very useful.
I can’t use the choir if it is stucked the whole time with 1 playing technique or if I have to create a new flow every time I want to use a new playing technique or if i have to assign a new midi channel to each playing technique in each of my voices of the choir (which I tried with EW choir and took too much CPU although I have a super powerful machine).

There are no keyswitches to switch between oo/ah in the Olympus Choir Micro sounds, so you’d need to do this using separate channels, with a channel change to switch between the different sounds. I’ve not tried this out myself and don’t currently have time, but I can’t think of a reason why this wouldn’t work.

Actually, it turns out there are keyswitches in Olympus. If you us the very small ‘<’, ‘>’ arrows either side of the HALion keyboard to see the lowest and highest octaves then you’ll see the keyswitches. The men’s are in the lowest octave and the women’s in the highest octave.

Aha! In that case we can perhaps produce a default expression map after all.

very good to know…thanx a lot Paul.
As with the new fantastic ‘absolute channel’ options in the expression map, I can finally use my EW choir for complexe things and my Quad Core 32 GB Ram Mac Pro has enough CPU. So at the moment I’m giving that one a shot - after I thought that key-commands wre not possible with Olympus Choir. But I’ll certainly come back to it.