Expression map on a touchscreen?

Hey guys !
I would like to mount a pc configuration with a specific touchscreen or tablet to select my expression maps and having several additionnal controls.

I heard about lemur solutions but I can see it’s not supported anymore.

What are the solutions to have a touchscreen that can help me to have a visible easy interface to switch very quickly on my Expression maps ? Because by default on the left side of Cubase it’s so awful.

Which solutions ? With an external tablet ? Or directly on my operating system (windows here) ?

Thanks for your help


I’m working on the software exactly for these use cases. I’m in the Alpha state with the software. Please write me a Private Message, if you are interested.

Thanks Martin. With pleasure. My best.

Metagrid Pro, which runs on iPads, can do this and a lot more.

I have a touch screen with the Plugin
14bitMIDI Sherlock which allows access to more than 3000 commands in Cubase and of course
expression maps

Thanks Freudon. Looks fine even if non very friendly interface :wink: I will take a look on it.

It all depends on what you are looking for
If you want something simple with just a few functions this may not be the solution
But if like me we have a template with a lot of tracks Sherlock is a must
18 configurable pages of 192 buttons to activate PLEs, Midi CC Macros and expression maps

Yes I had a look on it but not very much documentation at the moment : is it stable with C12 ? I’m also working on several instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro (including also a slave computer) : does it work fine ? you mentionned some issues on your last year post. Thanks

Thanks for this solution. Looks amazing but I’m more interested at the moment by solutions directly on the same system without IPAD or Android needs. But I keep it if I change my mind.

example of configurable page:

directory page with the different publishers

instrument page:


This allows instant access to all tracks in the template

So I no longer use Vienna Ensemble Pro
but for that I had to change my configuration
with a 5950x 128 gigs of ram all my banks on nvme pcie 4.0 ssd and all my tracks disabled.
Moreover with Kontakt 7 even in Player version as well as Opus from Eastwest you can unload all instances at once.
It’s really day and night
Regarding the stability of Sherlock I had reported that it had some random bugs but only at the start of the session.
But as soon as the Plugin is opened in Cubase 12 Pro
everything works perfectly

Karol Obara is currently working on the new version of Sherlock which will be even more complete.

In the meantime if you want to get an idea of what it is possible to do with Sherlock
here is a link to a video i made

Plugin Sherlock Cubase 12 Pro Touchscreen

Thanks Freudon ! Looks very complete and Amazing. And in french ! I think it could work with VEP too. Do you know what is the difference between Shelock and Watson ? Many Thanks.

here is the link
Sherlock and Watson

Watson is a lightweight version of Sherlock so the GUI is smaller and has fewer buttons
You can also test Sherlock even with a mouse
There are of course other plugins but which requires a little more knowledge in midi programming
The advantage of Sherlock is that all functions are ready
you just have to configure the pages and the buttons according to your needs

yes it will work with VEP but it will be necessary to have I think only midi tracks because I only use instrument tracks
I can activate and deactivate my instrument tracks with a single button but I couldn’t do it with VEP
and anyway for midi tracks in Cubase there will be no overload since VEP manages everything so no need to enable or disable.