Expression Map palette: can't apply attribute articulation when the palette is off

I’ve created a script that:

  1. opens the Expression Map palette
  2. selects the wanted articulation, then
  3. closes the palette.
    Issue: The articulation won’t be applied when clicking on the note, if the palette is off.

I also get this:


expression map issue

I can confirm.
There was a similar issue with Open as Palette command causing all EM labels to turn to blank in a previous version, which has been fixed. This is probably a leftover.
I will report it (on your behalf).

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Thanks, but that’s not necessary. If it’s fixed in Cubase 11, it’s ok.
I will make the script not close the palette if the Expression Map is involved.

I tested in Cubase 11!
I didn’t even notice your version.

You are a Score Editor power user and still at Cubase 10.5! :astonished:

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I don’t like to make changes if I don’t absolutely need to. So, I’m still at macOS Mojave also (not Big Sur, not Catalina, but Mojave). It seems that old operating systems go well with old Cubase versions…

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