expression map play 2 Articulations the same time issue !

sometimes it happens that (currently with Halion sonic2) a voice with keymaps will play 2 articulation sounds simultaneously , one of them is the right one and the other is kind of stacked, for example HS2 Brass preset with keymaps. expression map is set in cubase, i draw the “FallsFast” keymap in the articulation controller lane… but for no appearant reason it plays both “FallsFast” sounds and Sustain brass sound simultaneously,like the sustained brass key map is always there when note is played.
in the inspetor on expresion map Tab there are 2 green arrows, the left arrow changes according to the articulations created in key editor, and the right arrow is stacked on the articulation that always there(the annoying one )
just to add,notes are not created in key editor to control key-map changes, only articulation lanes.


I don’t know, if this articulation is for a note, or for the whole Channel. If it’s for a note, make sure, you have no overlapping notes.

its not “note expression” im talking about, its about keymap changes ,or articulation (expression map) in cubase terminology.

…I know.

mmm… i dont understand whats the difference then between articulation for a note, and for the whole Channel :unamused:

im Guessing in my situation is the whole channel ! ? it supposed to change the articulation for the all channel, even if its a chord the all notes should sound the same articulation .
by the way’ is it possible to make different articulation for every note in a chord ?

(since the post it was fixed, dont know why or how, but it behaves like that from while to while with the stack articulation,prior to this problem today i had some kind of error that my keyboard (korg) all of a sudden made stuttering voices and maybe it send cubase massages and change some parameters ? also the same brass in HS2 changed some parameters after that in the Quick control section. but i cant tell if the other times i had this articulation problem it accourred after a keyboard “freaking”

Martin is asking if the Articulation Type is an “attribute” which would be attached to a single note, or a “direction” which applies to all notes following it.

Hello, IS THERE GENERALLY possible to use polyphonic articulation on one track? In Logic it is. What if you use 2 different attributes on the chord, let us say the upper note with pizzicato and the lower with long bow? Is it possible to do??? Will it work


Note Expression should manage it.