Expression map playback delays feature: Percussion maps?

My glee at discovering the new milliseconds delay setting in the expression map editor quickly turned to concern upon NOT seeing the same setting anywhere in the percussion map editor.

Spitfire’s tambourine shake is laggy, so I was hoping to remedy this once and for all using this new feature. Is there a known workaround to apply delay to a percussion map? (I can’t simply assign the tambourine to a different expression map, since that would affect all of its playback techniques.)

As it happens you can apply both a percussion map and an expression map to the same endpoint, although it isn’t exactly supported. However, as a workaround it should work - you should be able to create an expression map with just a single switch for “Natural” with a delay, and use that for the same endpoint as your percussion.

How does that not affect the other techniques of the tambourine? The shake is the only tambourine technique that lags; I don’t want the delay to affect the accent technique, for example, which would be disastrous.

Dear Milo,
I admit I know almost nothing about those sample editing things, but I remember a video from the excellent Ann Kathrin Dern where she explains how to tweak the trigger points ibside a library to correct problems (that should already have been corrected by the library creators). Maybe that would be more efficient, if it’s only for a handful of samples?

Marc! Bonjour mon ami, c’est sympa de vous reparler.

I suppose that’s an acceptable solution, yes, although it would be nice (and much easier) to propagate the fix to other Dorico users via the expression map.

I’ll see if I can find the information that you’re talking about. I do wonder whether anyone else has crashed Dorico just by altering the delay value…?

Ah, sorry, in that case, you’ll need to set two switches, one for “Natural” with no delay and one for “Shake” with a delay. As I say, this isn’t entirely supported, but I tried it out last night after you asked and it seemed to work in a simple test.

Thanks, Richard, I got it working with a version of what you suggested. Kind of annoying – I wound up having to split my Spitfire “toys” channel into two separate channels (one just for the tambourine) to keep the delay from affecting other instruments, and then using an alternate expression map, just as you prescribed – but this is clearly a win for Dorico, being able to compensate for a flaw in the Spitfire sample library. :+1:

I’ve got the tambourine tremolo effect coming in a fifth of a second earlier to make up for Spitfire’s lag in the sample. It’s perfect, now.

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