Expression map/playback template questions


First question - is there a way (with Dorico 5) to save playback templates, percussion maps, expression maps, stage templates, custom percussion kits, etc, to some sort of default location? Essentially I’m hoping that there is a way to store these files as such that I don’t have to import them every single time I start a new project.

Follow up question - is there a place that I can download such maps for EWQL sample libraries, or will I more than likely need to make my own?

First question : yes. I have a mac and save those in the usual ~/Library (that’s a hidden folder, press alt to make it appear in the Go to menu in the Finder)/Application support /Steinberg /Dorico 5 folder, in a folder called DefaultLibraryAddition.

Second question : there are many expression maps shared on the forum, the search tool is your friend!

Check out this page on the blog:

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