Expression Map Requests

I am a big fan of the Expression Maps feature in Cubase. In fact, it is currently one of the features that keeps me using Cubase and not changing to an alternative DAW. Since Steinberg have stated that in 2016 they will try and respond more to user requests (That’s my interpretation of the situation anyhow), here are my list of changes I would like to see with regard to EMs. I’m pretty sure a number of them (if not all!) have been listed by other users before, but I think they are worth repeating if so…

Bugs Fixes:

  • Not recalled correctly when a track is enabled/disabled i.e. [BON-14128]. Fixing this is a big issue for me.

  • When transport stops, the EM resets to the first one in the list. The workaround is currently to have a blank entry as the first in the list, but it would be better if fixed so that the current working articulation remains selected.

  • When a map uses MIDI channel switching, I often get hanging notes. It seems like the note off may sometimes get sent on the wrong channel (Somewhat speculative on my part though). It happens, but is hard to find a specific repeatable test case.

    New Features / Changes:

  • Add the ability to change the order that maps are presented in the editor list and/or sort the them. I like EMs to be listed in a project by sample library which currently is not possible if tracks and EMs are created in a random order.

  • Increase the width of the left column in EM Setup editor (Or better still, make it resizable)

  • When loading a track preset that uses an EM. every time a new track is created, it creates a new copy of the EM with a number suffix. This can quickly lead to an unneccessarily long list of loaded maps for orchestral projects. If the names of the EM are the same when loading, I would like to see Cubase make a comparison of the contents, and use the original if they are the same. If they are different, then it is right that a new copy should be made. Perhaps an alternative approach would be to ask the user whether to create a copy or use the current EM of that name.

  • Key Editor - The articulation lane needs to be scrollable or perhaps hierarchical in some way. For orchestral libraries which have many articulations, the lane as it is quickly becomes unworkable since Cubase attempts to display all articulations which are too narrow to read.

  • I would like to see a better way of handling a large number of articulations. What the answer is though I don’t know. Chance for Steinberg to innovate here!

  • Once I have assigned a key switch (remote key) to an articulation in the editor, I cannot unassign it. I have to delete the original and create a new one.

    Thanks, Ian