Expression map right hand indicator

Can anyone tell me the purpose of the right hand green indicator in the inspector expression map section.
I have articulations set, and the left arrow duly moves according to the articulation chosen or played. The right hand arrow never moves but stays in the top position.
The manual says this arrow Marks the slot that is played back. This allows you to see whether the correct sound slot is used when you record articulations with an external device, such as a MIDI keyboard
I don’t understand the concept of “slot”. What is it showing me? Does it mean the transmission channel for the midi data?
Thanks anyone…

If you look at the Expression Map Setup you’ll see that the entire center section is labeled “Sound Slots.”

A Sound Slot is the basic thing you invoke to cause the articulation(s) to change.

Each Sound Slot can be configured to ‘turn on’ one or more articulations.

The articulations are defined in the lower right, and the ‘commands’ (typically keyswitches) each articulation generates are setup in the upper right.

Remote Keys, defined on the left, are optionally used if you want to be able to hit a key (any key you want to use independent of the VSTi) on a MIDI Keyboard to run a slot. If you won’t be doing that ignore Remote Keys.

You should probably take a look at the section in the Ops Manual on Expression Maps. They are a bit complicated and the manual is going to give you a better overview than you are likely to get from answers to specific questions here on the forum. :wink:

I understand. I did look at the manual before I posted, but it doesn’t have your way of explaining and making clear, so thank you.