Expression-Map setup for Vienna Ensemble pro 7 issue

What im trying to do!
Setting up as expression-map for my Vienna Ensemble Pro 7+Vienna Symphonic Library
My Player Setup
Flute I Channel 1.1
Flute a3 Channel 1.2
Oboe a3 Channel 1.3
Clarinet a3 Channel 1.4
Bassoon a3 Channel 1.5
French Horn I Channel 1.6
French Horn II Channel 1.7
Timpani Channel 1.8
Bass Drum Channel 1.9
Snare Drum Channel 1.10
Violin Solo Channel 1.11
Violin I Channel 1.12
Violin II Channel 1.13
Viola Channel 1.14
Cello Solo Channel 1.15
Cello Channel 1.16
Bass Channel 2.1
Pianoteq 7 Channel 2.2
What I accomplished!
An expression map for all instruments.
Using a VST Instrument Vienna Ensemble Pro
Assigned each instrument to its Expression Map
Saved Endpoint
My Issue!
Flute I persitantly playing a C#7 When i press play on an empty score.?
Ive run through the setting several times but everything seems to be in order. .

Pleas help :-/ /Mikael

Hi Mikael.
First thing I would do : check the flute expression map. It really looks as though there’s a keyswitch activated on C#7 (even on an empty score) and that can only be that, as far as I know…

Hi! I’ll check again.!

Hi! I cant see any error in the map. The flutesound starts on count -in…

It’s sounds continously to the end of the score :frowning:


Marc is basically right --what’s happened is that some instrument is programmed with a switch to C#7. The flute and piccolo can play that note but most other instruments can’t. The VSL switches which actually use C#7 are a few articulations in certain bass instruments – if there is a C#7 somewhere else then that’s where the problem is. If you’re still stuck then send an excerpt from the project – I should be able to work out which instrument from the Expression Maps. I don’t get access to your video, I’m afraid.

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Ok! I fixed the video now. Ill check the map again! /Mikael

I had a look at the video but I don’t recognise the EM mappings. Which VSL library(ies) exactly are you using?

Vienna Symphonic Library. I’ve found the culprit. The basson uses C#7 as init key switch.

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ah!, it’s the older VI version – I’m used to the synchron-ized version now since switching to Dorico. Glad you found the culprit!

Hi! Thanks for all help. Appreciated :slight_smile: /Mikael