Expression Map Setup Window

Dear Steinberg

Fix the window area under the OUTPUT MAPPING side of the Expression Setup Window. Currently there’s no way to resize , which quickly becomes painful when filling in complex conditions. :exclamation:


Do you mean the Articulations part? Do you know, you can scroll up/down?

And we are 2 years later and we still cannot resize the main window which does not maximize correctly to full screen size the block width and lengths are fixed and I did not manage to scroll horizontally to the right. Also I did not find out how to high light multiple articulations and group them or give them a same color. Try that in a VSL art set with 300+ articulations ( ok a bit crazy as well) which need grouping and color coding.
Elementary time saving GUI aspects of navigation like zooming with keys (no trackpad or smart mouse movement) remain 10 years behind state of the art while on the other side we get tons and tons of new features.
We love it and we hate it.:grin: