Expression Map Short Notes Detection Doesn't Work


I already consulted the manual to take every possible solution into account. In this scenario I use EastWest Hollywood Strings with PLAY. Perhaps there are additional settings preventing the detection of short notes. As you can see I rely on absolute channel switches.

Can you attach the project here? Even though I don’t have the right sample libraries installed, I should be able to see what Dorico is doing from a logical point of view.

test shorts.dorico (1.2 MB)
Hi Daniel,
thanks for requesting the file. It is attached here.

Your expression map assigns your short notes to the playing technique staccato. There is nothing in the score to trigger that staccato, so the natural will continue. Add staccato dots over your notes and the techniques lane will update.

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Yes, indeed, @Janus is absolutely correct.

Well, the question was not how to force Dorico manually to trigger short articulations. There is indeed something in the score that is supposed to trigger that staccato, which is the note duration. I’m referring to short notes detection. That’s why there is a condition in the expression map.

No, that’s not how it works – when you have short notes marked with a staccato, the action associated with that condition will be triggered. The short notes themselves will not cause a staccato playback technique to be added.

Okay, interesting. This is taking me by surprise. Just to help me see the bigger picture: What is Anthony doing in this video that I’m not being aware of? This video will automatically start at 3:34 min when he reveals the final result.

He doesn’t have “Staccato” as one of the conditions for his switch. If you add that as a condition, then that switch will only be used if Dorico finds something that produces a staccato playing technique, which would typically be a staccato marking.

This is the answer I was looking for. Thank you so much Daniel! And thank you Janus. I now understand what you meant. Have a great day.