Expression map "short" question

Hi all! I’m not finding an answer to this here so I was curious how to figure this out. I’m trying to use the Vienna “VSL SYzd SE - High Woodwinds” expression map they created, which by default loads into the SE Soprano Sax sound using their Playback Template. Eighth notes play back staccato when using the SE Soprano Sax sound with this expression map, which sounds absolutely terrible, so I was trying to figure out how to change this. Is there a list of what constitutes short, medium, long, etc somewhere in the manual? How should I change this in the expression map so eighth notes are legato and not super corny sounding? If this is a question better posed on the Vienna forum I can ask there, but it seems more Expression Map related, and since I know quite of few people here use the VSL-created expression maps for Dorico, I figured I’d have better luck here. Thanks in advance for any help with this!

First of all, you won’t find any info on Dorico 3.5 features in the official manual as it is still at 3.1. The updates referring to 3.5 can be found here Here you can find exactly how the various NoteLength parameters are defined. For instance Short is dotted eighth at 120bpm (0.375 seconds). From this (and experimentation of course) you should be able to work out suitable articulations for different speeds and adjust the VSL map accordingly. I don’t use it myself, preferring my own which you can find together with others on the Expression Maps thread.

Thanks dko22! I forgot those expression map features only came in with 3.5.