Expression Map Text

Hi Guys and Gals,

I still spend my time in the 6.5 forums since I haven’t upgraded yet but was wondering if someone can answer a question for me please.

How does the text for expression maps look in 7? In 6.5 and earlier, if I turn down the background from bright white to grey to ease my eye strain, experssion map text becomes impossible to read. Can someone please confirm if they fixed this or not?

Thank you!

The default color scheme is very hard to read. im trying to change it…everything is white on a grey background.

Thank you so much for the response. I would really love to know if you find a way (or anyone else). Or in fact if someone finds out it simply isn’t possible still.


I was wondering if anyone could confirm this for me please? Is the expression map lanes still nearly impossible to read the text? Can you change the font/color etc. or does it still behave exactly as 6.5?

Would love a confirmation to this please if someone has a moment!


I just started using the expression map on Cubase 7.0.4. The lines are impossible to read!

Has anybody find a solution?


I sometimes have to make an expression maps on Cubase7.0.4, but I can read clearly, it is black on light grey, I haven’t changed the settings.