Expression Map + Transport Behaviour


Why does Cubase reset the Expression map to slot one when I stop playback?. Why does the transport even affect the expression map?.

Load an instance of EW Play with 3 instruments, each instrument on a different MIDI channel,
Set up an expression map with key switches to select the different instruments/MIDI channels.
Select a key switch and activate an articulation.
Start playback
Stop playback

Cubase resets the Expression map to slot 1.
If the cursor was returning to the start position I might understand this behaviour. But it is not.

I understand the workaround of placing an empty slot in position 1. This works with expression maps that control ‘Key Switch Instruments’ because this type of instrument uses 1 MIDI channel. But to date have not been able to find a workaround for my issue.

In this video you can see in the left zone that the Expression map is resetting when playback is stopped.


I cannot reproduce it. It doesn’t jump to the 1st slot here to me.


Thanks for the reply.
All of my Remote keys are set to latch and it seems that when I hit stop Cubase is sending ‘Note Off’ Information to the Latch section of the Expression Map therefore resetting to sound slot 1. Is it the way I have set up my Expression map?. Have you got any tips as to how I can resolve this?.