Expression map usability is poor

The Expression Map Setup window in Cubase 9 suffers from poor usability.

The biggest pain point is not being able to copy/duplicate expression map articulations, which makes it take many times longer to create expression maps than it should. Many articulations are just slight variations on others (such as the same note-on, with a slightly different velocity). Having to recreate every articulation from the ground up wastes a lot of time.

Please make it possible to copy-and-paste and/or duplicate expression map articulations.

Indeed. I was surprised to realise that this has been requested now for a decade.

Why not save the expression map to disk, duplicate it, rename it and then do the minor edits that are different?

The OP is referring to being able to copy between Articulation Slots within the same Expression Map, not small variations between different Maps.

To the OP, you might want to change the subject line on your initial post so it reflects the actual change you want (i.e. the ability copy between slots) rather than a very generalized comment about Map usability. :wink:



I completely agree. This would be incredibly helpful for libraries with lots of patches like Vienna Symphonic Library. I would also suggest the ability to select several articulations by holding cmd/control + click or shift+click (like the track selection functionality), and then the ability to duplicate these multiple selected articulations would be very helpful as well.

For libraries with lots of articulations I would also like the feature to put articulations inside folders. For example, short / long articulations, for the dropdown menu inside the key editor. This would make it easier to find the articulations instead of having to scroll through the large list every time.

Good idea.