Expression Map Velocity Sensitive?

First time poster! I’m finally using the Expression Map feature, which is great, but I’m wondering if it can be set to be velocity-sensitive?

I’m using keyswitches with Scarbee Rickenbacker and one of them (Mutes) plays differently depending on how hard you hit the keyswitch. I’ve set up the Expression Map and it’s working fine as long as I input a value in the “Data 2” column in the Output mapping. This works as the fixed velocity sent to the Rickenbacker no matter how hard I hit the key. I’ve tried adjusting the Velocity and Min/Max Velocity but they don’t seem to affect anything.

So is it possible to make it velocity-sensitive?

Thanks, Mike

Not possible in the way that you are hoping for, unfortunately, but you can instead (if still ok for you :wink: ) use a different keyswitch for each velocity that you wish to send to Scarbee. For example, you could have C0 as a remote key, which transmits C1 with a velocity of 32, and another remote key, C#0, which transmits C1 with a velocity of 96.
(write back if you need further clarification :wink: )

Thanks, I did come up with that as a way to separate the keyswitch into harmonic mutes and regular mutes, but still need the full velocity sensitivity, so I just won’t use the expression map for that one keyswitch.