Expression map VSL SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings, for full presets violin 1 and viola

Hi everybody,

VSL has made expression maps for SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings. They used the basic presets and not the full presets.
I just finished an expression map for violin 1 and viola (they use the same expression map), which is a copy of the VSL expression map, but for the full preset. So I followed exactly the choices that VSL made.
By adding more playing techniques in this expression map, you can use also the samples, that are not in the basic preset, more easily. I hope this is useful for some of you.
VSL SYzd Solo Strings - Full Violin 1 and (4.0 KB)


Thank you!

Thank you very much! I appreciate your work and your generosity.


I created maps for this a long time ago which are not based on the VSL ones and have considerable differences. They are also based on the basic presets but with a few additions and alterations. The latest versions can be found attached for anyone who wants a different approach

VSL Solo (17.2 KB)