Expression map with different instruments

Is it possible to set up an expression maps with different instruments assigned to different articulations ? For example, in EWQL, timpani rolls and timpani hits are two different instruments (and not a single instrument with different keyswitches).

Yes, you can do this by defining switches to perform channel changes.

This is ok for vsts allowing several channels in a single interface (like Play and I will use your tip, thank you for it), but not for the others (like VSL or BBCSO)

You can use VEPro to add multiple instances of VST instruments to the same slot in dorico if it’s not otherwise possible.

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another approach with plug-in’s which allow you to edit the instrument itself is to simply copy patches from one instrument to the other like with VSL. I have tended to do that with VSL Dimension strings in particular. Also you can just create a new instrument for the player though with your example of EWQL timpani rolls this will be pretty inelegant as rolls are usually marked with a tremolo in the score and so an instrument change marking is hardly appropriate.

For monotimbral instruments like the BBC SO or VSL on its own (but why do that when you don’t even have to pay for Vienna Ensemble?), then VEPro will tend to give the maximum flexibility in choosing an appropriate method as @SampoKasurinen suggests

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