Expression maps (2 keyswitches)

Hey guys!

I’m trying to figure out the best way of using Expression maps (Cubase) in conjunction with the SIPS Articulation script (Kontakt).

The thing is, SIPS Articulation script allows you to use two sets of keyswitches:
1 - selects the articulation’s bank
2 - selects one of the 8 articulations within the selected bank

I find this approach very practical (not having to deal with like 12 different keyswitches spreaded on the keyboard), however, I struggle with the setting of Expression maps to reflect it.

Is there a way how to select different Expression map’s articulation with the same keyswitch, depending on the bank which is currently selected?

For example:
If I press A-1 to select the first bank (Long articulations) and then I press C0 to select the first articulation in this bank, I would like to see the first Expression map’s articulation selected.

But if I press A#-1 to select the second bank (Short articulations) and then I press C0, I would like to see a different Expression map’s articulation selected.

I tried to make it work by using Transformer as a MIDI insert, but it seems like it doesn’t cooperate with the Expression maps at all.

So for now it seems like I can either select the right Expression maps’s slot (with both key triggers contained) in the Key Editor after recording, or not use the Expression maps at all.

Any ideas for some workaround?

Thanks a lot!