Expression maps again - EWQL Symphonic orchestra strings crescendo

OK so EWQL SO has a lot of strings articulations and I can’t see how to match them to the articulations I am allowed to use on Dorico ( I have Elements 3.1). Example of something that doesn’t work but surely should:
There is an EWQL art called ‘F#5 - exp crec’ and on the celli it is a nice building natural sound which I’d like to use. So in my expression map I added ‘crescendo’ and applied the relevant keyswitch. NOW - back in WRITE I want to apply this art. How? There is no crescendo’ available under techniques. If I add it via the dynamics tab it inserts ‘cresc’’ but this doesn’t seem to effect the keyswitch. Is cresc different from crescendo? Why are there techniques available in expression maps that I can’t actually use? There are dozens of them!! If I insert another technique and try to type over it - it doesn’t let me because somehow it doesn’t recognise crescendo as a valid word. Finally - if I insert a crescendo symbol from the dynamics tab instead or Shift D, it does nothing.
What I’d really LOVE is somethiing that uses exactly the SAME articulation vocabulary in Dorico and EWQL to save me thinking of some kind of translation and remembering it or writing it down. Cubase seems to have this sorted.

I note you have added a playback technique to your Play section, but to create a customized playing technique to pair with it (IIRC), you would need an ADD (plus) button found in the Playing Techniques panel, which means you will probably need Dorico Pro to create custom playing techniques