Expression maps-am I totally dense?

So, when I demo’d cubase 5 (as a user of 4) I really looked forward to the expression mapping to help deal with the complex articulation control of instruments I own like VSL, mojo horns, QLSO, and Lass.

It failed…so I didn’t buy the upgrade. More accurately, maybe, I failed to understand how to construct these.

So, I bought 6 for a number of reasons…and promised myself I would get these instruments mapped out. But, I still am failing at the most basic key switch. Literally have a VSL up that has one mapped to C1 and another to C#1. I have set these up as legato and portamento, as directions…I see the cubase inspector GUI switch, but the instrument doesn’t respond. It does respond to the actual midi notes, so something has to be wrong with my map, right? I need to build more complicated ones than this, obviously, but I wanted to start simple this time.

I’ve read the pathetic little in the manual, and the even less detail covered in a third party cubase tips book. Every YouTube I’ve found are using HSO and the built in maps. I’ve looked at company made maps (VSL included) and I don’t see what’s different. Are there any tutorials out there on CREATION, not use?


I mean, I’m a tech guy for living…I just usednwireshark to diagnose and fix an issue with iLok2 licenses and win7 for PACE…I mean…It makes it all the more frustrating that I’m pretty tech savvy and still can’t seem to create these things…help…

Turns out this on is on VSL…their GUI read a different key switch in one area than another. Changed the output note to the OTHER keys witch and it worked. Still…this is the beginning for me…if there are step by steps anywhere, would love to get those links.